Short Film/TV pilot 
Title: “Unconventional”

Logline: Soon to be married couple throws themselves into the adventure of dating women together in the attempt to save their relationship through exploring their sexuality and sharing new partners.



Soon to be married couple leads an ordinary life of young professionals. They live in NYC where streets are full of young students and models from all over the world curious about life and ready to have fun and party all night. While the bride is quite happy with the relationship, the groom keeps fantasizing about sexual adventures with other women.

The groom can’t hide his feeling and commit to marriage without resolving them. He opens up to his partner and tells her his doubts about the monogamous relationship. After shock and feelings of betrayal and jealousy,  the bride chooses to appreciate his honesty and decides to do everything to save their relationship. She tells him that she has always admired women’s beauty and in fact, her first sexual arousal came from a school girlfriend. Due to the stigma in the society she grew up in, she could never explore dating women. And, if that what it takes to stay happy together, she is willing to try. 


The couple decides to throw themselves into the adventure of dating women together. In order to overcome their relationship crisis, they start looking for a dating website that will allow them to date girls together. Being concerned that they will meet people they know, they make a decision to take a break from their jobs and take off to Europe on a trip of personal and sexual exploration.


FOR Short film/TV series pilot:

Through trials and errors, the couple finds a girl they both like and after overcoming jealousy realizes that their adventures not only saved their relationship but also brought them to a different level in life.   


FOR bigger TV series project:

While traveling in Europe, the couple is dating and interviewing young women wanting to explore their sexuality. Each series will cover a different city and people’s mentality and openness to online dating and multiple partner (polyamory like) relationship in Spain, Netherlands, and Belgium other countries.  

©  Jenya Taran 2020