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How to get more insta followers?

Social media is very important in today's world. Weather you are trying to grow your business, meet new people, get a job as an actor/photographer/influencer or just want to be engaged online - you need an Instagram Account!

1. Go public!

Pay attention to the privacy of your profile. Make your profile public! Most likely - you are not trying to hide from the stockers and fans who don't allow you to enjoy your vacation and trying to take you picture when you are shopping. Make yourself a public figure and make your statement on the world. There is always a way to share something privately - you can pick and choose who cay see your feed or private-message.

2. Pick a niche.

Try to connect your instagrams posts with one topic and style. This could be anything - starbucks coffee, NYC buildings, fashion, food, dessert. Try to find yourself - what do you like the most? what do you like taking pictures of? Thinks about what you really enjoy doing and how this can come across your instagram posts. Pick specific style and color pallet - not only topic. Work on it. Fist posts might look very different - but you will get there. Keep working on it!

3. Fill out the bio on you profile. The goal of creating your profile is to be notice. Why would someone start following you? If you want to generate new follower and to get notice - you need to attract attention to yourself. Interest people with an interested details about yourself. Make the readers like you or at least make then be curious about you, who you are and what you post about. Do you often follow someone you don't know? What grabs you? Why do you make a decision to follow a stranger and to see their content?

Spring Place & Coya - amazing pop-up restaurant created for a fashion week in NYC Feb 2019. #gourmet

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4. Photo. Instagram is all about pictures. Not even Instagram - the whole world is all about how things look like. Regardless of the niche you pick for your instagram profile - be sure to post something that stands out and wows the users. Make sure the picture has a good quality. It don't mean that you need to buy and expansive camera. Just make sure you take pictures when there is enough light and you pay attention to the composition, style and design.

5. Create your website - start bloggin. Do you have a website? Great! Just add a blog to it and start writing about the topics you are interested in. Connect your blog to the instagram and start generating your following! Creating a website is very easy. You can create an about.me site in less than half an hour. You can use this website as your official page on the Internet - o create a more professional website through wix.com by being your personal uniques domain and picking a template that will fit your content the most.

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6. Be selecting in picking your content. Instagram is not your camera roll. Don't post every picture you take - take some time. Sit on it and pic only the best pictures you create. Post the cream of the crop! Not everything. You want to spend out and gratify your followers with something they can't find somewhere else or create themselves.

Post quality content, forget about the quantity. Add some personality - funny abbreviations, personal humor.

7. Try different apps. Highly edited pictures are not in fashion - but you can slightly touch up your picture. Make them amazing! Check up the following apps:

Afterlight, FaceTune, PicFrame, Flipagram, Tiny Planets, WordSwag, Hyperlapse.

And last but not least - tag away! Tags are very useful in getting notices. They help instagram users find your content. Do your research and tag smartly - this is your change to create a steady following! Don't forget to tag location and Friends!

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