• Jenya Taran

Where would you go to get a good french dessert in New York City?

It seems that in New York City you can find pretty much anything. But where would you go to taste some French dessert? I have many weaknesses, do you share with me this one - dessert? 

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Le Coq Rico has the best dessert I have tried so far, they deliver through seamless. 

Rare and beautiful, Ile Flotante is a jewel that with the right diamond maker will blind you with its delicious flavors and textures. With its amazing name, which means - floating island - in French, this delicate treat is a floating cloud of cream anglaise and vanilla.

Although there are many different ways of making and plating this treat, the key ingredients are always a combination of technique and culinary mystery. Its origins have forever been swallowed by history. Only one thing is certain, that it came from the French countryside as many other unique and delicate tastes that have dominated the world culinary order. A rare treat indeed this desert peeks its head from the wilderness of French restaurant kitchens all over the world. If you are lucky there is a French restaurant near you that may serve this magical treat.

Don't waste any time reading this post and seek out your own floating island. Immerse yourself in the delicate tastes of sweet clouds mixed with French culinary mysteries.


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